How to Use the Calculator

Family Information

  • Select the county you live in or plan to live in.

  • If you live in Washington, DC, enter the Ward you live in. Users who don’t choose Washington, DC as their county will not be asked to choose a Ward.

  • Select your gender.

  • Enter information on your household members.

    • Select your age.

    • Indicate whether or not you are married.

      • If you are married, enter your spouse’s age.

    • Indicate whether or not there are adults other than you or your spouse living in your household. If there are, indicate the number of “other” adults with whom you share a kitchen and who share your family’s cost of food. This is an important part of household size used to calculate benefit eligibility for programs such as SNAP (food stamps). The incomes of “other” adults is not included in your Budget Report.

    • Select the number of children in your household you are legally and/or financially responsible for.

      • If you have children, select the ages of the children.

    • Indicate whether or not you or your spouse is pregnant.

  • Click the "Save and Continue" button.